Animal Kingdom Basics

Disney’s Animal Kingdom is the 4th, and last major park that has been built at Disney.  It has a bunch of different rides and attractions, and hopefully more will be added soon.  Here are some of the more well known and popular rides and attractions: Kilimanjaro Safaris Kali River Rapids Expedition Everest (The newest ride […]

Disney-MGM Studios Basics

Disney-MGM Studios is about the movies.  Besides the movie themed rides and shows there are also lots you can walk past that depict different areas such as Hollywood or New York City.  Here are some of our favorite rides, as well as some of the more well known rides and attractions: The Great Movie Ride Rock […]

Epcot Basics

Epcot was the second park built in Disney World.  It has 2 major areas, Future World, and the World Showcase.  Future World has some really cool rides and is more science oriented, while the World Showcase has different countries you can tour. Here are the countries in the World Showcase.  Each of them has stores, […]

Magic Kingdom Basics

Since many people have never been to Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida, over the next few months I’m going to go over some of the basics about the different parks and other major things to do while vacationing in Walt Disney World. The Magic Kingdom is the one with Cinderella’s castle.  This is the […]

Disney – Free Dining Plan Offer Confirmed!

The rumor is now confirmed.  Yesterday, Disney started the free Disney dining plan offer.  This is the third year in a row they are offering it at this time. If you want to go to Walt Disney World between August 26th and September 22nd, and stay on Disney property (and purchase at least a 1-day park ticket per […]

Excalibur, Las Vegas

This is a picture of the Excalibur in Las Vegas, Nevada.  It’s right on the strip, and is in a great location, in between the Luxor and NY NY.  I know a lot of people have chosen not to stay here because they think it is full of kids, but it really isn’t that bad.  […]

Trip Advisor – Many Reviews

Since the other day I talked about one of the first sites I go to when looking to travel, I thought I would share the second place I usually go when booking travel.  Before deciding on a hotel, I always go to Trip Advisor.  You name the hotel, and there are always many reviews about the […]

Getting great prices using

Kayak is a great website to use when looking for good prices for airfare, hotels, car rentals, or cruises.  You just have to enter what you are looking for once, and prices from many other websites will come up. Let’s face it.  When looking for a good price for airfare, would you rather enter the […]

Indian Echo Caverns

One Exit past Hershey, PA going west is the Indian Echo Caverns.  For $12.00 per adult (they have a coupon on their website), they will take you on a tour of the caverns.  It was really interesting to walk through them.  Since it was dark, it was hard to get great pictures, but you can […]

The Hershey Chocolate Factory

On Saturday, we were passing through Hershey, PA, so we decided to stop at the Chocolate World. I hadn’t been there in many years, and hardly remembered any of it…although I know it has changed many times since the last time I was there. The Hershey tour was free, and is a little ride that […]