Griffith Observatory

We really wanted to visit Griffith Observatory to see the Planetarium, and their exhibits. We had heard there was a nice view as well, but weren’t sure exactly what to expect. When we got there, we were really happy with the view! We got some great pictures of the Hollywood sign, as well as just […]

Universal Studios Hollywood

I have one word when it comes to Universal Studios Hollywood. Small. I was surprised at how small it was. I knew it wasn’t even close to the size of Universal Studios Orlando (especially now that it also has Islands of Adventure)…but it was pretty small. We still managed to have a fun day though. […]

Overall Thoughts on California Adventure

I was really looking forward to going to California Adventure. It was a NEW Disney park for me! I had been to all of the ones in Orlando before, and Disneyland wasn’t really “new” to me since I had seen much of it at the Magic Kingdom, but California Adventure was mostly new (minus some […]

Overall Thoughts on Disneyland

Let me preface this by saying that I live on the East Coast. Because of this, I had never been to Disneyland before last week, but have been to Walt Disney World many times over the years. So any comments I have to make will obviously be biased on the fact that I am much […]

Howard Johnson Anaheim – Great Hotel

Once we got our car, the first place we went to was our hotel, so we could check in. After a LOT of research on where to stay, we decided on the Howard Johnson Anaheim hotel. Why? Here are our reasons: Reviews – All of the reviews I read (on both TripAdvisor as well as […]

Renting a Car – Used Kayak

This is a picture of the car we rented for the week. We ended up getting it through Advantage Rent-A-Car, but got the best price by using Kayak. I had checked out a bunch of different websites, and Kayak gave me the best price. It was easy to get the free shuttle from LAX to […]

Back from Southern California

We’re back from our 8-Day Southern California Vacation. It was a lot of fun, but we both ended up getting a cold towards the end of the trip, so I’m sorry if the trip report comes a little slowly. We had a great time though, and loved the warmer weather. Now we’re back in the […]

2008 New York Times Travel Show – It Was Great!

This past Saturday I attended the New York Times Travel Show at the Jacob Javits Center in NYC. I can’t tell you what a really fun day I had! I look forward to it each year, and I am never disappointed. This is the 5th year that they have run the show, and the 5th […]

The Philadelphia Flower Show

The Philadelphia Flower show yesterday was incredible. It’s still going on through next Sunday, and I really recommend that you go if you like flowers and plants. It was a 2 hour drive for me, and it was well worth it! The first half we walked through were all of the exhibits. he theme this […]

Blog about your Vacations and Earn $30 Amazon Gift Certificates

Do you love to share your past vacations so that others can know what you liked and disliked? If so, you can earn up to $30 in Amazon Gift Certificates for sharing about your recent trips! BzzAgent is a company where you can buzz products (good and bad) and get a chance to tell others […]