Love Travel (and the Magazines you find on Vacation?) Check out Readly!

If you love travel, there is a good chance you enjoy reading travel magazines.

The problem is it can get expensive if you have a bunch of different magazine subscriptions.

This is where Readly comes in.

I joined last month (you can get a free 1-week trial to check it out yourself), and have been really excited by it.

They have over 1,100 magazines in different categories, and on top of that, have back issues of each magazine as well.

Let’s start with travel magazines.

There are a bunch, and a lot of them are from other countries! I think that’s really neat.

Here are just some of the travel magazines they have:

  • Lonely Planet, Food & Travel, Islands,
  • National Park Trips, Wanderlust Travel Magazine,
  • Living France, France Magazine, Backpacker,
  • Coast Magazine, Cruise International, Discover India,
  • Norfolk Magazine, Exclusively British, Scotland Outdoors,
  • Travel + Leisure India, Time Out London for Visitors,
  • Time Out Paris for Visitors, Time Out New York for Visitors,
  • Islands – Caribbean Travel + Life, and so many more!

On top of the travel magazines, you’ll probably notice that there are magazines from multiple countries. So if you like reading a magazine like Women’s Health (or Men’s Health), you can also then read Women’s Health – UK (or Men’s Health – UK) which are completely different magazines.

Every time I travel to an English speaking country, I love looking at their magazine selection. It’ so much fun to read magazines that we don’t get here, or that we have, but are completely different in that country.

As a matter of fact, the last time I was in London, I ended up buying a UK magazine called RED. I really liked it, and wanted to be able to read more issues.

So I looked all over when I got home to see if I could get it online (to save on shipping to the US) or even get a regular subscription.

The best I could do was over $100…which obviously was not going to happen. But it’s a part of Readly! So now I can read all of the issues that I want, and without having to pay crazy fees.

Like I mentioned above, I’ve been a member for about a month now. I’ve been able to read some magazines that I’ve already known and enjoyed, as well as find a bunch of new magazines (from both here and in the UK) that I never heard of before, but have really enjoyed so far!

I think it’s great that they offer a free 1-week trial so that you can see for yourself that they have enough magazines that you enjoy and that will give you all of the reading you could ever want each month!


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