Free Disney Vacation DVD – Trust me, You’ll Need it This Time!!!

I’m a Disneyholic. I’ll admit it. I love all things Disney, and absolutely LOVE going to Walt Disney World. Normally I go about once every other year. But the last time I was there was November of 2015. So it’s been a little bit over two years. Not that long, right? So when we recently […]

Wow…Really Great Deals on Las Vegas Packages for September and October!

I was playing around in Expedia earlier today, and found some crazy deals to Las Vegas. Normally, airfare from NJ is somewhere in the $300 – $400 per person range, and then there is the price of the hotel on top of it. So if you want to stay on the Las Vegas Strip so […]

Love Travel (and the Magazines you find on Vacation?) Check out Readly!

If you love travel, there is a good chance you enjoy reading travel magazines. The problem is it can get expensive if you have a bunch of different magazine subscriptions. This is where Readly comes in. I joined last month (you can get a free 1-week trial to check it out yourself), and have been […]

Get 6-Month Subscriptions to Travel Magazines for 99 Cents

While you’re not on vacation, it’s always nice to have travel magazines to flip through to get ideas for your next trip. I know I love going through them, getting excited when I see someplace I’ve been to that I loved, or somewhere I didn’t know much about and now want to visit. Well, today […]

Need a Guidebook for your Next Vacation? Lonely Planet has 30% off Right now!

If you’re getting ready to go on your next vacation, or are just starting to research one, you’ll know that having a travel book can make it a lot easier. You can flip through it to help figure out where you want to say (both the area as well as the specific hotel), where to […]

Check Out the Tour Montparnasse (Montparnasse Tower) for Great Views of Paris!

When you think of getting great views of Paris, the first two places that probably come to mind are the Eiffel Tower and Arc de Triumph. And rightfully so. Those are both very well known Paris attractions, and they have great views. But another awesome view of Paris can be had from the Montparnasse Tower. […]

Pantheon, Paris – Who Knew?

When you think of the Pantheon, Rome probably comes into your mind. But did you know that Paris has a Pantheon as well? If you just looked at the outside of the building, while you would know it was something special, you wouldn’t realize how special until you went inside. The inside is very open […]

Palais Garnier – An Incredible Opera House!

The Palais Garnier is an often overlooked tourist attraction in Paris. The funny part is, you even already know about it, even if you have never heard it called Palais Garnier. Have you seen The Phantom of the Opera? Or at least heard of it? Well, THIS is the opera house that Gaston Leroux set […]

Visit Paris’ Only Working Vineyard!

When you think of France, you probably think of wine. So when you think of Paris, you probably assume that there are multiple vineyards around. But that’s not the case. In fact, Clos Montmartre vineyard is the only working vineyard in all of Paris, and it isn’t that big. It’s about 1,500 square meters of […]

Windmills in Paris

You may not know this, but once upon a time, there were many windmills in Paris. Over time, most of them have been removed, and now only a few remain. One of those is the Moulin de la Galette, which is near to top of Montmartre in Paris. In fact, it’s not a far walk […]