Free Disney Vacation DVD – Trust me, You’ll Need it This Time!!!

I’m a Disneyholic. I’ll admit it. I love all things Disney, and absolutely LOVE going to Walt Disney World.

Normally I go about once every other year.

But the last time I was there was November of 2015. So it’s been a little bit over two years. Not that long, right?

So when we recently decided to start planning a trip for the spring, we figured only a few things would have changed.

Boy were we WRONG!

I can’t tell you how much has changed since we last visited.

There are multiple new rides, attractions, restaurants, and more.

By the late spring, not only will there be a new fireworks show, but a new land in one of the parks!

So even if you were “just” at Disney World 2 years ago, if you’re planning to go this spring or summer (or later), a LOT has changed.

If you want to know exactly what’s new and what’s coming, get your FREE Disney World Parks Vacation planner now.

You’ll see exactly what’s there now, so you can make sure you plan the right amount of time so you can do exactly what you want!

I’m just starting to plan my trip, and know it will be very helpful in making sure we know what we want to do each day.

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