Free Disney Vacation DVD – Trust me, You’ll Need it This Time!!!

I’m a Disneyholic. I’ll admit it. I love all things Disney, and absolutely LOVE going to Walt Disney World. Normally I go about once every other year. But the last time I was there was November of 2015. So it’s been a little bit over two years. Not that long, right? So when we recently […]

Remember that You’re On Vacation (Disney World Tips – 365 of 365)

To have an amazing trip, you’ll likely do a lot of planning. You’ll make lots of reservations, decide what rides you want to go on, and plan almost every minute of your day. But while you’re there…remember that you’re on vacation. If you don’t get to go on every ride that you wanted, that’s ok, […]

Looking for Something Different? Go on a Backstage Tour (Disney World Tips – 338 of 365)

While it’s fun to do some things over and over again on your Disney trips (I mean, there is no way I’m visiting Disney World without going on the Haunted Mansion, as well as many other rides), sometimes it’s fun to do something new. That’s why I love looking at the tours that Disney offers. […]

Want Happy Kids? Try to Keep to Your Schedule at Home (Disney World Tips – 337 of 365)

We’ve all seen it…kids having meltdowns at Disney World. It’s the happiest place on earth, but unfortunately sometimes everyone becomes upset. Here’s a great way to minimize meltdowns of kids (at any age – including adults!) Try to keep to your schedule at home. If your child takes a nap at 1pm, then try to […]

Want a Less Crowded Disney World? Do the Opposite of Everyone Else (Disney World Tips – 336 of 365)

This is going to sound like a silly tip, but it really works. If you want a “less crowded” Disney World, you should do the opposite that everyone else is doing. Even if you go during a slow time of year, there will be many other people in whatever park you choose to go to. […]

Want to Know how Epcot Came to Be? Check out the Undiscovered Future World Tour (Disney World Tips – 335 of 365)

If you’ve always wondered how Epcot came to be…and how Walt Disney originally wanted to make EPCOT the (Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow), you should check out this tour. The Undiscovered Future World tour will teach you all about Walt’s vision, and as you walk through the pavilions at Future World you’ll learn about them […]

Wonder How Disney Takes Care of All of Those Animals? Check Out the Backstage Tales Tour (Disney World Tips – 334 of 365)

When you think about Disney’s Animal Kingdom…if you wonder how on earth they can take care of the over 1,500 animals representing 250 species, you should take a look at the Backstage Tales Tour. It’s a behind the scenes tour where you get to see the facilities where they care for the animal. You’ll get […]

Save Money on Disney Park Tickets – Get Discount Disney Tickets (Disney World Tips – 333 of 365)

Are you looking to save a few dollars on Disney World Tickets? You can get multi-day tickets at a discount at Undercover Tourist. The more days you’re visiting, the more you’ll save! It’s a great way to save money on your trip since these are the exact same tickets you’d get if you booked them […]

SCUBA Certified and Want to do Something Different? Try DiveQuest at Epcot (Disney World Tips – 332 of 365)

If you’ve been SCUBA-certified, you might be interested in SCUBA diving somewhere that you never have before… Epcot! You can dive into the saltwater aquarium at Epcot, with over 6,000 sea creatures. What’s really cool is that there are 56 giant windows, so your family can even watch parts of your dive. DiveQuest lasts 3 […]

Learn More about Different Countries with the World Showcase: DestiNations Discovered Tour (Disney World Tips – 331 of 365)

If you’re interested in learning more about the countries in the World Showcase at Epcot, or if you just want to make your Disney World vacation a little more educational, take a look at the World Showcase: DestiNations Discovered tour. It’s a 5-hour walking tour where you’ll get to learn about the history, architecture, culture, […]