Get 10% Off Your Payless Rent a Car through August 31st, 2013

Now through August, you can use code CJHF5A to get 10% off your car rental at Payless. I just played around with some dates, and was really surprised at how low a one-week car rental was. If you’re considering renting a car in the near future, I’d definitely check Payless out. Check Car Rental Rates […]

Longwood Gardens Tickets Half Price with Groupon

Groupon has a great deal on Longwood Gardens tickets for the next 6 days. A regular price ticket is $18, but you can get them for $9 each right now with this Groupon deal. I’ve been to Longwood Gardens (in Kennett Square, Pennsylvania) multiple times, and can’t tell you how enjoyable it is to walk […]

Alamo Car Rental Discount

Now that summer is less than a month away, you’re probably getting ready to book your summer vacation if you haven’t already. If so, there is a good chance you’ll need to rent a car for your trip. If you’re like most people, you want to get the best price that you can. Why pay […]

Avis – Renting a Car

When you go on vacation, sometimes it’s nice to have a rental car so that you can easily get around the area you’re visiting. The problem is that sometimes the cost of renting a car for a week can be as much as your airfare, or even hotel room! The good news is that if […]

Don’t Have Time (or Money) for a Long Vacation?

Everyone loves a vacation. You get away from the world, and have time to relax, and recharge. The stress seems to melt away, and when you get back, you feel refreshed. Well, sometimes taking a real vacation is just impossible. Maybe you can’t get off work, or you just don’t have the money to pick […]

Budget Rent A Car – 25 Off

Looking to save money when renting a car while you’re on vacation? Well if you’re going away for a full week or more, you can get $25.00 off your total price with Budget Rent A Car. They have a lot of locations, so you shouldn’t have a problem finding them at the airport that you’ll […]

Renting a Car – Used Kayak

This is a picture of the car we rented for the week. We ended up getting it through Advantage Rent-A-Car, but got the best price by using Kayak. I had checked out a bunch of different websites, and Kayak gave me the best price. It was easy to get the free shuttle from LAX to […]

Passing the Time while waiting for Flights and More…

When you travel, no matter where you go, there is almost one thing that always happens. You have to wait. You can be stuck in an airport waiting for them to call your flight, you can be on that 9 hour flight that doesn’t feel like it will ever end, you can even be sitting […]

Were you Planning on Driving to your Summer Vacation? Reconsider…

After reading this article on ABC’s website, you might want to reconsider your summer plans if they involve driving a long distance.  The article mentions that while we don’t know what the gas prices will be like this summer, there is a “strong possibility” that it could be $4.00 a gallon for gas.  I don’t […]

Drive or Fly?

Depending on how far away your next vacation is, you might be trying to decide if you want to drive, or fly to your destination.  While there is no right answer, there are many different things you should think about. One of the biggest reasons people choose one over the other is cost.  Normally, a […]