Now That I’ve Used the Packing Cubes…what I Think

A few months ago, I saw a deal on packing cubes. It was a set of 3 for $10.

Until then I never really thought about using packing cubes.  I had a vacation coming up in a few months where I’d need to pack a lot into my suitcase, and thought that for $10 it was worth trying.

Not only did I get one for myself, but I got one for my husband as well.  Mine was purple and his red.

While I did open them as soon as I got them to see how big each of the cubes was, I didn’t really think about what I would put in each until it was time to pack for vacation.

I ended up putting my shirts in the larges cube, my pajamas, and underclothes in the middle size, and the small cube was so small the only thing that I could think to put in it was a dress that I was bringing that I didn’t want to wrinkle.

After filling each cube up, I really didn’t think it would fit in the suitcase with everything else, but it fit perfectly, and my suitcase isn’t all that big.

So what do I think after using it?

Well let me start with this. Except for maybe hanging a few shirts up if possible, I don’t take anything out of my suitcase on vacations. I leave everything in the suitcase and take it out as I need it. If you don’t do that, your needs may be different from mine.

It was really easy each day and night to go into the suitcase, and get what I wanted. I also liked that since it was in a cube that I didn’t have to worry about mixing it up with worn clothes and they stayed more or less folded the way I put them in originally.

I feel that it would have been a little bit more helpful if I could have put all of my clothes in the cubes, instead of just some of them. So maybe having 2 more cubes for a total of 5 would be very helpful.

I will definitely use it on my next vacation.

As for my husband? After trying to pack with them, he decided he didn’t like them and didn’t use them. Now that I know that, next trip I’ll take 2 of his and see how it works with 5 of them.

I originally thought that by using the packing cubes that I’d be able to fit a little bit more into the suitcase, but I don’t think that’s the case. I think the reason to use them (or at least the reason I’d use them) is just to make it easier to get to my clothes during the trip.

I think if you want to pack multiple people’s clothes in the same suitcase, using these cubes (especially if you get different color ones) could make it a lot easier to separate clothes out.

For the price, they made packing and getting to my clothes each time a little bit easier. I don’t think I would pay too much more for the packing cubes though, as they didn’t make a big enough difference.

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