Why T-Mobile was AWESOME During my Most Recent Vacation

I have to tell you, I love T-Mobile.

I never thought I’d really care much about what cell phone company I had.

I mean, as long as I can make calls when I want to, and the quality is good, what does it matter, right?

But T-Mobile does something that no other carrier does (at least in the US), and if you travel at all, it is priceless!

They give you free unlimited data and texting in many countries outside of the US.

That means while you’re on vacation, you can still look things up online, check your email, text your family, and stay in touch!

I just got back from a vacation in Europe where I visited 8 different countries. And in each of those countries I was able to text with my family. It was awesome having conversations telling them about my trip while I was 6 and 7 hours ahead of them!

What was also incredible was being able to look stuff up. Especially maps! It was awesome wondering about something and just being able to look it up.

It really was amazing, and made a huge difference in my travels. Other trips I’ve had to either rent a phone or find an Internet cafe, or hope for free wifi somewhere.

This was awesome since I could use my phone wherever I was, and it didn’t cost an extra dime.

Oh, and if I really wanted to make a phone call back home? No problem, it was only 20 cents a minute. Just use the phone like you usually do.

…and just in case you were wondering, I did. My nephew kept asking to talk to us, so we called a few times just to say hello. It was awesome, and didn’t cost much.

If you travel out of the country a lot, I strongly suggest taking a look at T-Mobile. The service in the US is great…I always have service and the connections never drop. And you not only get free unlimited calls in the US, but Canada and Mexico as well.

Check out T-Mobile and see What Countries You can Text and use the Internet for Free in!

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