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If you don’t know what Viator is, it’s a great website that you can use to find and book day trips and tours all over the world.

Going to Paris? You can book a city tour, a Segway tour, a tour to Disneyland Paris, and so much more.

In other words, no matter where you’re going in the world, you can find tours to take you around the city, help you do things you never would have found on your own, and even take you on day tours outside of the location you’re going to.

I’ve used Viator quite a few times now, and wanted to talk about how much I have enjoyed the tours I’ve booked through Viator.

When I visited Amsterdam, I had wanted to take a day trip to see a few other cities in other countries.

I didn’t really want to do it on my own, as I thought a tour would be a lot easier since not only would it give me the transportation, but it would let me learn about the different cities I was visiting.

So I found a great tour that took me to Ghent and Bruges for the day.

It was an incredible day, and I saw a lot that I wouldn’t have seen if I hadn’t gone on the tour. It was a really fun day.

A short time later, I went on a cruise to Alaska. The cruise left out of Vancouver, and even though I would be in the city only a little over 24 hours, I wanted to make sure I saw as much of the city as I could.

So I found 2 tours that gave me everything I wanted.

One was a hop on and off tour of Vancouver that I used to get around the city and see all of the things I wouldn’t have been able to see if I had done it on my own. It was also great transportation since I could get off the tour bus, walk around, and then get back on to continue the tour.

The second tour was even cooler, as it not only took me to some incredible locations, but ended at the cruise ship pier. So in the morning the picked up not only me, but my luggage…and then the tour ended with them leaving me (and the luggage) at the pier, which was perfect.

I also got to do some cool things in Vancouver that I wouldn’t have even known about, such as walking across the Capilano Suspension Bridge, going on top Grouse Mountain, going to the Capilano Fish Hatchery, and more.

The most recent time I used Viator to find a day trip was when I went to London.

I knew I wanted to go to Stonehenge, as well as see a few other things outside of London, so I used Viator to find all of my options. I didn’t realize there were so many!

After searching, I finally decided to do a day tour that took us to Stonehenge, Bath, and Windsor Castle. Except for the weather (it rained for most of the day), it was an incredible trip. I got to see all of that in one day, and if I was going to do it on my own I know I would have only been able to do part of it. I learned a lot, and had a lot of fun.

Now, the first thing I do when I pick a new area to visit, is go to Viator to see what my options are. I learn if there are any cool things to do in the city on a tour, and also find out if I should plan some extra time so that I can book tours that take me outside of the city I’m visiting for the day.

If you’re getting ready to plan your next trip, I strongly suggest booking tours through Viator. Every single tour I’ve been on that I booked through them was great. The tour, plus the tour guides were all exceptional, and I will continue to use them for upcoming trips.

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