Now is the time to get a passport

In an effort to help enhance security at our borders, the US government has put into place new passport requirements. Some which start as soon as January 23rd, 2007. In order to help with all of the specifics, such as where a passport is needed, how to get a passport, where to get a passport, […]

Go for the Gusto Reviews

Looking for another place to find reviews of places you are considering going to? Gusto is the place. It’s got user reviews for everything from hotels to restaurants, to attractions. It also gives you plenty of space to upload all of your pictures so you can share them with friends and family when you get […]

Travel Photo Tip: Remove Tourists from Photos

Whenever you go to a crowded tourist destination, you end up with other tourists in your photographs. How do you get a great picture – without the people? Here is a really neat trick to remove tourists from photos. The technique uses multiple shots of the same scene and then uses Photoshop to layer the […]